Frequently Asked Questions how to book driving lessons


1. Best way to get in touch

Call by telephone. No answer! Just text message or WhatApp. State your name and your question.

2. What info do I need to send you

Full name:
Full address:
Auto or Manual:
How many hours a week you are planning to do?
What days and times do you prefer?
Any days or times that you can’t do:
Practical test date and time if any.

My Price list

Soon as you send your info as requested. We will send your personal price list

When can I start

Soon as we got all your details and the package deal you are going to purchase. When we are able to assign an instructor. We shall text you.

When do I pay

Once we have assigned an instructor you need to pay that day.

Advance payment for driving lessons

Fee and cancellations policy: Pupils need to make payment at least one lesson in advance for pay-as-you-go deals. Lessons canceled without at least 48 hours notice will be charged in full for the duration of agreed hours.

Can I pay cash

Not on the first lesson. Only on the 2nd lesson agreed by the instructor and you

Like to pay Online

Yes. Best way to pay. Online payment must be done 2 days before the appointment

What do I bring on my first lesson

 Your photocard I.D licence. Face mask if need to!

How long are the driving lesson

As pre-arrange with your driving instructor. Normally 1 hr, 1,5 hr or 2 hrs. Intensive and fast-track packages can be 3 to 5 hrs.