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Alexander Christopher Danielle Scott Driving School Noel Christopher testimoinals Driving Lessons in Barking | School of Motoring in Docklands  | Driving Instructor for East London | West Ham Driving School | Dagenham Driving Lessons Learner Driver Kind and understanding. You were always happy to explain the mistakes in a … More >> Refresher Course P Noel is a patient instructor not only did I learn skills that I felt hadn’t been taught with other schools          More >> Customers Testimonials Driving School for East London and Essex

Welcome to my driving school for East London and Essex. Driving lessons with an Grade 6 (A Grade) or Grade 5 (B Grade) Driving Instructors. One hour driving lesson, to intensive driving lessons for East London and Essex with  approved driving instructors ADI

Did you Know there are only 6% Grade 6 Driving Instructors out of 46,000. Click for info

So you have a choice - learn with the best of the best driving instructors or just another ADI instructor

Do you want a driving instructor to teach you or;

“If so, you need to change your driving instructor and save time and money cause they are not interested in you.”

We are here to serve your needs cause your success is our success

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Like to know how to memories difficult tasks!

“The great Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

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Like to know how to read the road ahead

Please call me and I shall share the most powerful  way to learn it

Noel Christopher 07960952703

It’s free for all

“I am very grateful to Noel and I’d recommend him to anyone considering learning to drive. He’s considerate to your individual needs, he makes the time and effort to give you guidance and he doesn’t charge extortionate prices like some driving schools!” Click here read more

Read the true stories about my students, why they choose me and their reviews about my driving school  by Dr Sarvottam Gupta & many more Click on text Noel Driving School | Top Grade Instructor | Face Book Noel Driving School | Noel Christopher Blog | Google Plus + | LinkedIn

New Standards Check Test for ADI and PDI Driving Instructors Training Courses with an Grade 6 (A Grade) Driving Instructor for London and Essex UK

You will learn to drive in round your local areas like - Docklands - East Ham - Ilford - Dagenham and the DSA TEST routes in Wanstead - Goodmayes and Barking or Tilbury Essex. Just as you know your home town routes, which will help you to stay focused throughout the driving test.

My driving school can provide driving lessons in Popular Isle of Dogs - Canning Town - Custom House - West Ham - Plaistow - North Woolwich -  East London like East Ham - Grays - Tilbury