Valon Rastelica

Valon Rastelica

Valon Rastelica

Comment by Driving Instructor Noel Christopher:

Valon learnt in Goodmayes area covering as many driving test route during his training with me. He was a competent driver at the end. Always willing to learn anything that throws at him.

I was so surprised he invited me and my son Kieran to a Turkish restaurant in Goodmayes. After saying goodbye to Valon. My son said, “he is such a wonderful person and it’s a shame I will not see him again“. Valon recommend 2 students. Thank you Valon. 


“Driving with Noel Christopher has been an amazing experience. Right from the first lesson I had with him I could see how experienced he was and that he has been doing this successfully for years. I always felt relaxed and calm when driving with Noel because he was really patient and kind and whenever I made a fault he would explain it to me in a way I could understand easily. This helped me improve exceptionally as a driver and allowed me to pass my test confidently first time with Noel. I highly recommend Noel if you are looking for a pleasant and enjoyable driving experience.

I would like to thank you Noel for your fantastic tuition and everything else, and wish you all the best in the future.”

Valon Rastelica